Welcome to SubioCraft!

Hello MineCrafters, ThirtyVirus here! Welcome to the official SubioCraft store! SubioCraft is a unique Multiplayer Minecraft Server made specifically for my subscribers and their friends!


What can I do on the Server?

On the server you have the option of roughing it in the Survival World, making massive blocky masterpieces in the Creative World, and competing against each other in our numerous Minigames!

The server's most popular gamemode is SkyBlock! Our sense of community and a dedicated staff, combined with an exciting mix of gamemodes create the perfect Minecraft Multiplayer experience. An added bonus is that players can explore some of the Let's Play Worlds featured on my YouTube channel!

If this sounds interesting then type play.subiocraft.net into your server list and give it a try!


Help us Out!

The server also features a ranking system, each rank granting increasing benefits while they play. Ranked players get more privileges, for example: Chat Prefixes, More homes, access to Warps, Nicknames, Kits, TPA, and the Creative World! Check out the Purchase Server Ranks page to become a ranked player! All purchases made in this store go directly to improving the player experience on our server. Enjoy!


Terms and Conditions

Before checking out, you must review our Terms and Conditions.

  1. All Donations are non refundable, please do not ask for refunds from staff. Chargebacks will result in a perm ban on the ThirtyVirus Bot Net Discord and SubioCraft.
  2. You are donating to help maintain SubioCraft, and add new features to the server. These features include upgrades in RAM, more plugins, worlds, server nodes, and more minigames such as SkyBlock and Survival Games.
  3. You must be 18 years of age to purchase items from the store, or have the approval of a caretaker that meets this requirement.
  4. If you experience any problems with your purchase please voice your concern to the owner at thirtyvirus1@live.com

Payment Methods